Equipment & Projects


  • Directional Drill Units ranging from 8000 lbs to 40,000 lbs
  • Hydro Vac units from single axels to tri-dem axels
  • Trackhoes and Backhoes for drill support and excavation

Cros-Man has an assortment of drills for all required projects.

We have three 36x50 Vermeer drill rigs and a Tulsa Rig Iron TR-40.
These four rigs all have operational ratings of

  • 38000 Lbs. of Thrust and pullback pressures.
  • 5500 Lbs. rotational torque.

These four drills are used for the bulk of our projects, as they are a universal drill that is good for larger diameter projects. They can also be used on longer drill shots up to 600 meters in length.

We have a smaller JT922 Ditch Witch Drill rig that has operational ratings of:

  • 9000 Lbs. thrust and pullback pressure.
  • 1100 Lbs. of rotational torque.

This drill is ideal for smaller jobs in tighter quarters.


  • MTS – Installation of fiber optics throughout South West Manitoba
  • CN Rail – Manitoba & Saskatchewan
  • Ledor Technical Services - Falcon Project & MacKenzie Valley Project
  • Tundra Oil & Gas Partnership – Flowline, HDD & Hydro Vac Trucks
  • Various Oil Companies – HDD & Hydro Vac Trucks